Knitting Comics

If you like webcomics, there’s a new one for knitters: The Knit Princess. It’s on the cute side, but the material will certainly be familiar to us knitters! It started very recently, so you’ll be able to catch up quickly.

Many of you will already have heard of Handknit Heroes from blogs or Ravelry. It’s a [...]

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2008: The End

Hayy 2009 everyone! Here’s a montage of the projects I finished in 2008:

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More Book Holders

(Updated October 2007)

I’m glad the book holder reviews have already been helpful to some people. I decided to write up my experiences with the different holders I tried because it isn’t always possible to tell from looking at a picture at a website if something will work the way you want. During the searching process, [...]

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Book Holders: BookMate I & II

Updated October 2007

The BookMates have been discontinued at the original website. They are now sold at BookmatesPlus. I have updated the below links accordingly.

BookMate offers an eponymous book holder in several versions. Each is designed for a certain book size: BookMate I for mass paperbacks, BookMate II for trade paperbacks and small hardcovers, and BookMate [...]

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Book Holders: The BookGem

(Bibliophiles may want to check out Kimbooktu, a blog about book gadgets and news; thanks Amy for sharing the link in yesterday’s post! Also in related news, Chris just posted a free felted bookweight pattern. Neat!)

Everything about the BookGem seemed to be what I was looking for in a hands-free book holder: it was [...]

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Book Holders: Hold-and-Read

Part of the Ableware product line at Maddax, Inc., the small Hold-and-Read (.75 x 5.25 inches closed) is made with a “strong, transparent plastic” and is priced at $6.25.1 The product description also states that it “accommodates any thickness of paperback and, when folded, can be used as a bookmark.”

It isn’t a true hands-free [...]

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Reviews From the Stacks

I’m glad I signed up for this challenge, it was good to take books off my shelves to read, instead of getting new ones from the library or store. These reviews are listed in reading order. :)

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Book Week

A quick note to my dear readers, I’m declaring this week “Book Week” because there will be a series of bookish posts. While these posts won’t be knitting-oriented, they might still be of some interest, so stop by and check them out. Next week, this blog will return to the regular knitterly content.

I love to [...]

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Summer Reading Program 2006: The End

I didn’t make my goal of 40 books by August 31, but that’s OK. I got pretty close. I did finish my bonus goals, which was good. I knitted while reading a couple books. My shelves are all cleaned out and reasonably organized. I’ve got two shelves worth of books “To Read” and my knitting [...]

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SRP Penultimate Update

I brought 2 books with me to Chicago for Stitches Midwest, and read only three chapters! And what’s funnier… I bought 3 more books while there. : ) Still, I was able to read several books during the past 2 weeks.

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  • 2003 ~ 1
  • Total (sans 2009): 53

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