Goodbye Minnesota…

Yep, I’m moving! Some of you know where, others will find out in the next blog post. I wasn’t sure we could get everything to fit in the van, but we did. Believe it or not, I am only taking two boxes of yarn with me. See that pink box on the left in the [...]

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By chance, I found out that Metro Meals on Wheels were asking for donations of handmade (knit, crochet, or sew) potholders. They would be used by drivers or given to clients. They are looking to collect 800 by this coming holiday season (deadline Dec 5), but have an ongoing goal of 8,000. Look for the [...]

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Fair-ly Good

Last week, on opening day, I popped over to the MN State Fair to check on my entries. The first one I found was the Ryan hat


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The Peace Dove Project

These pictures were taken the day before Memorial Day, when we found these statutes at the Mall of America. I planned to blog right away but got sick.

This page has information about the project, and this one tells a bit more, and offers a slideshow.

Enjoy! :)

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Du Nord

Late in April, my parents and I went up north to visit family. I asked to stop at the yarn shop previously missed in last year’s somewhat local yarn shop crawl, Unraveled in Pequot Lakes. (The address is listed at the bottom of the linked post; I can’t find a web presence for the shop.)

We [...]

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I have absolutely nothing to show you all. How depressing! I have been in a state of limbo since finishing the Logan wrap and English Crystal square. I’m in the middle of several secret projects. Thus far, it’s been mostly “hurry up and wait.” Yarn has arrived for only one project, which I’ve swatched; but [...]

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A couple weeks ago, Mom and I took a quick trip to the State fair. We checked out the knit entries at Creative Activities building, stopped in at the new MN wine booth, looked at some sheep, and ate a couple of delicacies unique to the fair.

I found the two hats I entered hanging [...]

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Somewhat Local Yarn Shop Crawl

In July, my family went up north for a quick visit and to bring Grandma down to the Cities. She was to stay a while with my parents before visiting the Michigan branch of her family.

I persuaded my parents to make a few stops on the way, so I could check out some of [...]

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a guy, his ox, and a bed

Many people are familiar with the Paul Bunyan legend. As a Minnesota native, it has been one of my favorites. 


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In this picture above, I love the view of Lake Bemidji beyond. Most postcards for these statues avoid the lake view and use the trees to reinforce the lumberjack in the woods theme. Also, [...]

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Jurassic Cities

Local residents and visitors will no doubt have noticed strange sights here in the Cities this summer. How did dinosaurs, long since extinct, come to be parading the streets of St. Paul and Minneapolis?

The answer: Diggin’ Dinos was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Science Museum of Minnesota! 60 dinosaur statues were [...]

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In progress…

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  • 2004 ~ 5
  • 2003 ~ 1
  • Total (sans 2009): 53

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