I’ve been in a weird sort of knitting limbo or apathy. I knit and knit, but I don’t seem to accomplish anything. Gauge is way off, the fabric sucks, the yarn looks ugly, et cetera.

This has all been caused by several factors, the largest of which is I still haven’t finished seaming the Cropped [...]

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Last week was one of these weeks where no matter how much I work, I seem to accomplish very little. Yuck.

Friday before last was the first of a series of warm spring-like days, and I went to two LYS, The Yarnery, and Borealis Yarns.

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Family Circle Easy Knitting, Fall 2004

I liked the dressy V-neck sweaters shown on Pages 46-47, Patterns 12, 13, and 14.

The Asian-inspired cardigan on page 53 (pattern 21) has a really nice flap, though I think I would prefer regular buttons, not ones crocheted with yarn to match.

Several cute baby or kids patterns (hats, cardi, and sheep blanket) included too. Patterns [...]

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Knit ‘N’ Style #144 (August 2006)

Interesting! They’ve changed the magazine; better paper and layout. I like the changes. The models/photo layout haven’t really changed very much. One change I didn’t like (and I had to pull out an older issue to check/compare), the pattern instructions are now in the back instead of accompanying the project pictures. Why, oh why!?

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Cast-On May-July 2006

**** I absolutely love the Donegal Tweed Jacket (designed by Rosemary Drysdale), on pages 30-31. It looks great with a tweedy yarn. Plain details are mixed in with texture and a bit of cabling. I’d think about using the Bemidji Homespun I have for this instead of the Must-Have Cardigan. Hmm….

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Rowan 10th Anniversary Oversize Booklet

Black/white photos, and featurettes about several designers (eg: Kaffe Fassett, Kim Hargreaves, Sasha Kagan, etc.).

Sweaters or cardi only, and mostly oversized (matches the book, I guess?). Lots of intarsia, some aran/cables.

Great guy sweater: “Men’s Herringbone Sweater” by Artwork (Jane and Patrick Gottelieb), page 19.

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Rowan Magazine 34

Rowan’s website does not have any samples for this issue, but The Knitting Garden has some previews and pattern information on this page.

Rosebud is a really sweet vintagey cardi with both intarsia and lace details. I’d like this a bit shorter so I can wear it without the belt. Design #24 page 120, picture page [...]

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Rowan Magazine 31

The Rowan site doesn’t have samples for this issue, but you can see some previews at The Knitting Garden’s website.

I like the shape and neck of the Orient shell. I notice, however, that the edges curl a bit around the armholes. Design #1 page 68, picture page 4. The tiny bits of colors are embroidered. [...]

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Knitty, Spring 2006

The short-sleeve sweater on the cover, Mesilla, is fun and playful. If I make this for myself, no embroidery. The stripes and picot on the cuffs are the perfect decorative touch.

Anatolia is awesome. I like the fit and the color pattering—it’s detailed and interesting enough without being overdone or fussy. The name fits perfectly too. [...]

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Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2006

I’ve only seen a couple posts in the knitblogging world about the Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer issue. Personally, I came away with a “these things are too young for me” vibe (and that, in turn, made me feel old! :/ ). Mind you, I don’t mean that in a negative way. My personal style leans towards [...]

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