Good news, bad news

Which do you prefer to get first, bad or good news? I’ve always preferred getting the bad stuff first, but today, I’ll put it behind the cut. I’m also postponing a new, knitting-related post until next week.

Good News #1 Although the doctors couldn’t figure out the cause of his kidney problems, my cousin is much better [...]

Have Heart

Many thanks to everyone who left or emailed well wishes for my family; we all appreciated them!

It looks like Dad may have a donor. The new heart is expected to arrive about 9 pm; so it’s going to be a long night for us.

I’ll post another update tomorrow or Monday. Thanks again everyone!!

Kitty Day

Hi! I’m Munchkin, resident cute kitty! lime wanted me to tell you 1) she’s crazy busy (fortunately not so crazy that she doesn’t forget to feed me or laptime after lunch!) and 2) ‘Thank you!’ for your lovely comments about the green socks.


p align=”center” I’m also supposed to give you a sneak peek of her new [...]

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If I were a book…

ETA: Schrodinger (yes, the one I test-knit the Twisted Tweed socks for) is running a contest in preview of her new Etsy shop. Go

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Birthday Swag

(A couple readers have expressed interest in the Sockamania Club Knitalong, which, up until now, has been closed to new members. The club has opened to new participants with a possible cap at 100. If you signup before the 10th, you can participate in the current July pattern-along and qualify for the monthly drawing if [...]

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Keep your paws clean

Two quick things before paw business: The “What’s in a color?” (Contest #5) Winner will be posted tomorrow! And, several people asked about the yarn I’m using for the Yarrow Ribbed socks. The yarn is the Calzetteria shown here, specifically the Venice colorway. I finished them a couple days ago and will post FO [...]

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My cat licks plastic

How’s that for weird? I hate when Munchkin does that, I swear, it’s like she’s addicted. She likes to eat popcorn (plain), cream cheese, or ice cream and will sniff you out if you try and hide it from her. But I guess this post needs to be about me, so, here goes…


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It’s cold!

Thanks again to everyone who left comments about my Dad. I’m glad to report he’s well on the way to recovery, and was able to spend Thanksgiving at home.

It’s been busy, busy. We’ve been shopping, working, solving jigsaw puzzles, baking and cooking, eating, and knitting. (Okay, that last one was just me!) Here’s a picture [...]

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Thank you again to everyone who left comments about my Dad in my last post. We really appreciated it. He did leave the hospital last Monday. But by Friday, he had a high fever and signs of Pneumonia, and Mom took him back to the hospital yesterday morning. He has had oxygen and also new [...]

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Worn Out

I have no energy today. It’s been a busy and tiring weekend. My dad had to go into the hospital; he had a heart attack (20-year history), but is OK now and will go home in a couple more days. There’s plenty that needs to be done before Thanksgiving, so I’m going to take the [...]

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In progress…

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