Santa drinks Starbucks!

Yes, really.

We’ve spotted Santa at Starbucks a few times while Mom and I were mall-walking. The first time it happened, I tried to double back and and nonchalantly shoot a picture with my Treo camera. However, he saw me through the window and waved. I was too embarrassed to bother with a picture and sheepishly [...]

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I’m still behind with posts, so many pictures to sort through and and posts to proofread.

Meanwhile, I was finally able to merge my old Wordpress feed with FeedBurner. I had signed up for FB ages ago, but couldn’t find an easy solution at the time. ESCknits at Ravelry clued me in to FeedSmith. This plugin [...]

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Sockapalooooza signups are open! Go here for details and the signup link. Signups are open only for 48 hours or so.

In other news, this blog is approaching another milestone. In a week or two (that’s my estimate), someone will post the 1000th comment. That lucky person will receive a $15 gift certificate!

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February Progress

First, some excellent news! The Mermaid socks are finished! And I had just enough yarn to finish both toes (whew)! I’ll get pictures soon.

Now, I had a short to-do list for January. Let’s see how I did.

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Here’s a PS for the recent post. I’m trying out* the ZenPhoto gallery, which some WordPress bloggers use. I love its clean interface and bulk uploading features. There’s a ZenPress plugin for WP that makes inserting images from the gallery fairly easy and painless.

Both appear to be relatively young in development; I think ZenPhoto has [...]

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I’ve finally finished transferring all the posts and comments and have now just switched things around to make WP live. I hope you all like what you see!!

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Nearly there…

I’ve transferred all my pictures, and most of my posts. I still have about 37 posts and accompanying umpteen comments to transfer. Then I’ll finalize a new header and any last-minute tweaks. Fingers crossed, by this Sunday, I’ll make the final switch to WordPress. My URL will still be the same, but the feed URL [...]

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Well… I’ve decided to install WP in a test folder to see if I can get everything moved over and setup to my liking. I gotta say that was the easiest installation ever, and I’ve tested various blog and CMS platforms during the past 3 years. Nice!!

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Remember these Halloween treat bags I posted earlier? Turns out Nicole is right about the black bag being a cat! My mom and I couldn’t figure it out, I think because the lighting was pretty bad and it was all floppy. There’s a much better picture at the store’s website. Though I haven’t installed WordPress, I’ve [...]

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Swap Fun and Classes

I’ve reverted the blog back to the default theme/skin. (July already!) If you’re registered here, you can change back to the blue theme by editing your account (the theme section is near the bottom). I’ll leave it there for a while. : )

SYAC Update

They’re finally done!

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In progress…

Sock Count (Pairs)

  • 2009 ~ 2
  • 2008 ~ 7
  • 2007 ~ 18 (1 baby)
  • 2006 ~ 20 (14 adult)
  • 2005 ~ 2
  • 2004 ~ 5
  • 2003 ~ 1
  • Total (sans 2009): 53

Just Stuff

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  • Sockamania Club Knitalong
  • zMeme
  • zRavelry
  • zSock Nation
  • zTSFB


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