Knitting Comics

If you like webcomics, there’s a new one for knitters: The Knit Princess. It’s on the cute side, but the material will certainly be familiar to us knitters! It started very recently, so you’ll be able to catch up quickly.

Many of you will already have heard of Handknit Heroes from blogs or Ravelry. It’s a [...]

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Winner! (Contest #6)

It’s really cold here. Dangerously cold. But not as cold as the record-breaking winter of 1996. (When, as I recall, I layered a wool lumberjack coat over my regular coat to help withstand the low temperatures while waiting for the bus.)

Ravelry fans who drink coffee, tea, or other hot beverages may like the new dis/agree [...]

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Chunk Love

(Don’t forget about the Blogging Tips contest; it closes tomorrow midnight, so be sure to add your comment soon. There are some great tips in the comments, too!)

No, I’m not talking about Chunky candy bars or Chunk from The Goonies. I decided to join

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Blogging Tips (Contest #6)

You know what I didn’t do in 2008? Hold any blog giveaways or contests! I had a couple in the works but couldn’t get my act together. Well, here is one of them, finally!

I’m giving away an autographed copy of Lorelle VanFossen’s Blogging Tips: What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging.

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Do you use 43 Things? It’s a website where you can put in your life goals. I noticed they had a personality quiz, so I tried it. I’m a bit surprised by the results.

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Naughty Bird!

So, have you seen the new Starbucks holiday cup design?

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Frosty Worms

One morning a week or two ago, I pulled open my curtains to find some strange-looking frost patterns on my windows.


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I was going through my usual process of editing my photos for the blog when it occurred to me a step-by-step progression of photos might make for an interesting post. Better to have something than nothing, and most of my stealth projects cannot be shown here for quite a while still. (This isn’t intended to [...]

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I got a pretty good picture of the cats enjoying some sunbeamy goodness.

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Poodle Army

I don’t know about you, but I’d be a bit intimidated if I walked into a house or bathroom filled with these things.

(I wonder if I still have the pink poodle soap and toilet paper holders from my childhood somewhere in storage…)

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In progress…

Sock Count (Pairs)

  • 2009 ~ 2
  • 2008 ~ 7
  • 2007 ~ 18 (1 baby)
  • 2006 ~ 20 (14 adult)
  • 2005 ~ 2
  • 2004 ~ 5
  • 2003 ~ 1
  • Total (sans 2009): 53

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