I’ve been out of town, too busy, or too sick to knit very much. This past weekend, I read the last Harry Potter book, which was exactly what I hoped for, even if it made me weepy. Yesterday my job was terminated; I despise job-hunting and am not looking forward to it. A new [...]

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Birthday Swag

(A couple readers have expressed interest in the Sockamania Club Knitalong, which, up until now, has been closed to new members. The club has opened to new participants with a possible cap at 100. If you signup before the 10th, you can participate in the current July pattern-along and qualify for the monthly drawing if [...]

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To bind or not to bind

Knitters and book lovers out there, I’d love your feedback/comments on this, thanks! : )

Some of you may already be aware about a binding service Kinkos (or Office Max, Office Depot, etc) offers: for a small fee, they’ll cut the spine off a book and re-bind it. If you haven’t seen this before, [...]

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On Monday, Nicole of Knerq left the 1,000th comment here! Yay! She chose the Amazon gift certificate as her prize. Nicole is thinking about getting a knitting book and is taking suggestions. There are tons of good choices, which book would you recommend?

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Fun Stuff

There are lots of fun knitterly activities in the near future, both IRL and online. 

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Sock Premiere

Remember that nasty sock curse I had? No more! Yesterday I finished up the Fortissima socks and took them someplace special for their first outing.

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More Book Holders

(Updated October 2007)

I’m glad the book holder reviews have already been helpful to some people. I decided to write up my experiences with the different holders I tried because it isn’t always possible to tell from looking at a picture at a website if something will work the way you want. During the searching process, [...]

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Book Holders: BookMate I & II

Updated October 2007

The BookMates have been discontinued at the original website. They are now sold at BookmatesPlus. I have updated the below links accordingly.

BookMate offers an eponymous book holder in several versions. Each is designed for a certain book size: BookMate I for mass paperbacks, BookMate II for trade paperbacks and small hardcovers, and BookMate [...]

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Book Holders: The BookGem

(Bibliophiles may want to check out Kimbooktu, a blog about book gadgets and news; thanks Amy for sharing the link in yesterday’s post! Also in related news, Chris just posted a free felted bookweight pattern. Neat!)

Everything about the BookGem seemed to be what I was looking for in a hands-free book holder: it was [...]

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Book Holders: Hold-and-Read

Part of the Ableware product line at Maddax, Inc., the small Hold-and-Read (.75 x 5.25 inches closed) is made with a “strong, transparent plastic” and is priced at $6.25.1 The product description also states that it “accommodates any thickness of paperback and, when folded, can be used as a bookmark.”

It isn’t a true hands-free [...]

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  • 2003 ~ 1
  • Total (sans 2009): 53

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