Super Quick Post

I wanted to post a quick update that Insidious is now available as a free download via Ravelry (click here if you’re not a Ravelry member)!

Best wishes for a happy 2010! :)

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…Hello Illinois!

(Very belatedly!) Nicole guessed correctly right off the bat after my last post. I’ve moved to UIUC to work on my MLIS (Master in Library and Information Science). I’ve been so frustrated with job hunting and trying to figure out what to do for the rest of my life. The answer finally came to me via [...]

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Goodbye Minnesota…

Yep, I’m moving! Some of you know where, others will find out in the next blog post. I wasn’t sure we could get everything to fit in the van, but we did. Believe it or not, I am only taking two boxes of yarn with me. See that pink box on the left in the [...]

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I haven’t fallen off the blog

Just am incredibly busy with other stuff. Exciting stuff. Non-knitting stuff!

By the way, a little heads up to those who have me friended on Ravelry–I am almost nearly done entering my stash and will be uploading many yarn photos and rearranging favorites and queued items this coming week. I’m sending preemptive apologies, as this will [...]

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Belated Birthday

After almost two months of crazy deadlines, I was eager to knit something at a relaxed pace. Since my birthday was coming up, I thought I ought to make myself something. I chose this design, because I thought it might go well with my dresses.

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Potholder Mania

Back in May, it was potholders and hotpads all the time, as I worked feverishly to finish the set of five I needed for this swap. Even though I dithered about it at first, I couldn’t resist joining Hot Pads! And Potholders – The Swap. We had to crochet five potholders, and we could use any [...]

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Winners! And another new design!

Thanks everyone for the great comments on the previous post! Here are the numbers picked by the Random Number Generator matched to the commentors (The first two get the copies signed by Stephanie).

9-knittymama33-turtle15-Megan S. 28-Linda 22-Cassie 10-Eryka Jackson 5-Amy 36-Bev Adam 4-rina

I’ll email the lucky winners later today; congratulations, and enjoy the comic! (If [...]

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New design, and contests!

Boy, it’s been a while since I last blogged. Where did the time go? Lately, I’ve felt like a snail… I concentrate on something for what seems like a couple hours, only to find out nearly a whole day has passed by. Since Starbucks has pretty much discontinued decaf Frappucinos, I’ve been thinking that I [...]

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Wee Gifts


p align=”center”/p> Needing to recover after a large project earlier this month I was looking for something fun and quick to knit when I found out my parents’ neighbor had a new baby. Perfect! A couple of little gifts would do the trick.

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Gift #3

Here is the last of the gifts I made for my recommendation letter writers!


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