Santa drinks Starbucks!

Yes, really.

We’ve spotted Santa at Starbucks a few times while Mom and I were mall-walking. The first time it happened, I tried to double back and and nonchalantly shoot a picture with my Treo camera. However, he saw me through the window and waved. I was too embarrassed to bother with a picture and sheepishly [...]

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Here’s a pair of socks for November! They were started in October, but I kept getting distracted by other things.


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I was a bit disappointed to find out that the rib pattern in this version is the same as the one used in the Yarrow version (see this post for my completed Yarrows) from [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating tomorrow!

I actually started this project several times back in late August-September. I made so many mistakes I finally frogged it and put it aside. An opportunity to try again finally came when I was in a lull between projects.


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I hope I’m not causing any bad ’70s flashbacks with [...]

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On Ravelry, I volunteered to test-knit a fingerless glove pattern for Hattie at Stitch Therapy. She was updating and converting the pattern from a blog post to PDF format and wanted new samples knit with currently/commonly available yarns and new photos.


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I knit the smallest size, even though I wasn’t sure they would fit [...]

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Whee! Early last week, my Hogwarts Sock Swap TWO package arrived from Amelia Crowhaven! She sent some great stuff!


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As I finished up the baby items back in September, I was really craving stimulation; I wanted to knit something a bit complicated, something that required a lot of attention. I knew stranded colorwork was exactly what I needed. 


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This is only my second stranded project (and fourth where I’ve used my left hand). [...]

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Mysterious Women

(There is a bit of knitting content, I promise!)

You might recognize these names and know what they have in common:

Karen Grigsby Bates Amanda Cross (Carolyn Gold Heilbrun) Diane Mott Davidson Rosemary White Gatenby Carolyn Keene (Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, and others) Jane (Gillson) Langton Emma Lathen (Mary Jane [...]

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Gauging Felt

Before I began work on the two big gifts due later this year, I realized I needed to knit and then full at least one swatch. Normally I don’t worry about gauge and size for felted items since the fulling process controls the end result. These two gifts I’m making are a bit more complicated [...]

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Bib Modeling Strategy

Stake out potential model’s favorite sleeping spot. Wait until model is asleep. Put camera and bib within easy reach. Wait a little bit longer. model could be faking sleep. Turn on camera. Double check that camera noise didn’t disturb model.

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As I was working diligently on the baby set for my cousin, I realized I would be remiss if I didn’t whip up a couple of bibs to include in the package. I went stash-diving and found a couple of colorful cottons.


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If you think the cast-on (bottom edge) looks wonky on this bib, [...]

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