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Earlier this summer, my mom forwarded an email from one of her business contacts. This organization, Women in Tourism International Alliance, is taking up a collection of handknit baby sweaters. (**Note** The WiTiA website may not load correctly the first time, it should work with a page reload/refresh.) These sweaters will be given to [...]


I couldn’t resist posting this quote from a 1928 Listerine advertisement.*

Children usually come home from school with a case of dandruff that may lead to baldness. Examine scalps often, and at the first sign of dandruff, douse on Listerine full strength. Keep it up systematically for several days. To your delight, you [...]

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A Cardi for Grandma

Quick BookMate update: I was contacted again by the person who sells the BookMates. They are still available for purchase at this new website, and I think a few of the BookMate I cover designs are new. (No affiliation, just an interested reader.)

A year later than intended, I presented Grandma with the Cropped Cardigan [...]

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At long last!

Can you believe it? I finally finished the Cropped Cardigan; all the seams have been sewn, ends woven in, and buttons attached.


Technically, this project took over a year to finish, but a lot of that time was spent in hibernation. If I had worked on this continuously, I estimate the actual time would be [...]

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(Quick Ravelry update: In case you haven’t been there lately, three new and limited-edition beta t-shirts are available for pre-order. Get yourself over there and order one ASAP! They are available to current beta users only, but pre-orders will stay open until October 15.)

Megan of mega(k)nits tagged me for the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award. [...]

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Today’s post is brought to you by the letters E, L, and V

Las Vegas was… exhilarating! Mom usually travels to Las Vegas once a year for a trade show, and I always ask if I can tag along. I know that I probably never would get a chance to visit the so-called Sin City otherwise.


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It was so much fun to see all the places shown [...]

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Behind and Behinder

Ahoy, me hearties! I was out of town last week, and intended to have several posts scheduled and ready to go. Unfortunately, I ran out of time before departing and forgot to upload the needed pictures.

Below is a mini-catchup, and tomorrow, you’ll find out where I traveled!

BookMate Update

Some of you will recall I posted reviews [...]

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A couple weeks ago, Mom and I took a quick trip to the State fair. We checked out the knit entries at Creative Activities building, stopped in at the new MN wine booth, looked at some sheep, and ate a couple of delicacies unique to the fair.

I found the two hats I entered hanging [...]

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Somewhat Local Yarn Shop Crawl

In July, my family went up north for a quick visit and to bring Grandma down to the Cities. She was to stay a while with my parents before visiting the Michigan branch of her family.

I persuaded my parents to make a few stops on the way, so I could check out some of [...]

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