Fun Stuff

There are lots of fun knitterly activities in the near future, both IRL and online. 

The MN Knitting Guild is hosting the annual Yarnover on April 21. I don’t think I’ll be able to go (bummer). But a week later, on April 28 is the St Paul Craftstravaganza, a rogue art & craft sale. I’m planning to stop by there, hopefully with Mom and cousin M. In May will be the Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep & Wool Festival. It’s too early for me to know whether I can attend, but I certainly hope the weather will be nicer that weekend than it was last year.

There are a couple Alongs in anticipation for Harry Potter Book 7 in July. Although I didn’t join this read-along, I do plan to reread the earlier books. It’s been a few years since I have read them all. I couldn’t resist signing up for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. We were sorted to find out our house assignments, and will knit socks in our secret pal’s house colors. Sock needles and coordinating stitch markers are also part of the kit. It’ll be fun! And there’s still time, signups don’t close until April 30! Update: The swap hostess Rebecca has decided to limit the number of swappers to 100, time to decide if you want to participate! There’s also a Charmed Knits Along, I don’t have the book yet, but it looks cute and ideal for Harry Potter fans.

Buffy fans will be thrilled to know there’s now a KAL! They’re starting with Season 1, which I haven’t seen in so long. I’m not sure yet what I’ll knit, but I have a few possibilities in mind.

It also looks like the wait for Sockapalooooza is nearly over. I can’t wait! I came to blog-reading late in the first phase. (I knew what blogs were, but hadn’t yet figured out how to subscribe.) Then unfortunately I missed the sign up deadlines for phases 2 (new computer) and 3 (busy). I can’t wait. Oops, did I already say that?

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4 Responses to “Fun Stuff”

  1. Chris Says:
    April 8th, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    You are going to be very busy “alonging,” aren’t you?! Thanks for the heads up about Craftsavaganza!

  2. mrspao Says:
    April 9th, 2007 at 11:09 am

    Sounds like you are going to be busy :)

  3. Jeanne Says:
    April 9th, 2007 at 11:10 am

    You will be busy. I’ve given up on swaps that require me to knit for someone else. I can’t handle the stress.

  4. Guinifer Says:
    April 9th, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    You are so funny! I can’t tell which of those things you are anticipating more!

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