A Calorimetry for Me Buffy

Buffy: Ooh, I like your headband. Where did you get it? lime: Thank you! I knit it myself. Buffy: Hmm. WIll you knit one for me? lime: I’m sorry, I have too many projects. If you’d like, I can teach you how to knit. [...]

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To bind or not to bind

Knitters and book lovers out there, I’d love your feedback/comments on this, thanks! : )

Some of you may already be aware about a binding service Kinkos (or Office Max, Office Depot, etc) offers: for a small fee, they’ll cut the spine off a book and re-bind it. If you haven’t seen this before, [...]

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On Monday, Nicole of Knerq left the 1,000th comment here! Yay! She chose the Amazon gift certificate as her prize. Nicole is thinking about getting a knitting book and is taking suggestions. There are tons of good choices, which book would you recommend?

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The Cat’s Bib*

I finally knitted a Mason-Dixon Knitting baby bib. What better model could I have other than Munchkin?

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Vintage Cooties

Last Friday morning, my mom and I noticed an estate sale just a block away from my parents’ house so we walked over to see what it was like. Mom picked up a few sugars and creamers, and I came home with a couple of interesting finds.

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Good-bye Winter!

A bit overdue, but here are some details and photographs of my recently completed wintery socks.

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A Well-Executed Plan

Confession time. Remember how I mentioned in the previous post I hadn’t noticed my stripe count error in the maroon and gold socks until after I had taken a progress photo? To be precise, I didn’t notice the problem until after I had knit BOTH insteps and tried them on.

My first impulse was to [...]

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Striped Setback

More stripy knitting continues. I’ve restarted the Mad Cows for the third time. As soon as I finished the insteps, I put them aside for a while. I really needed a break from them.

I’ve been on a maroon-and-gold kick lately.

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Sockapalooooza signups are open! Go here for details and the signup link. Signups are open only for 48 hours or so.

In other news, this blog is approaching another milestone. In a week or two (that’s my estimate), someone will post the 1000th comment. That lucky person will receive a $15 gift certificate!

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Remind me

That it’s normal to buy too much yarn once in a while. Even though I added quite a bit of yardage to my stash, I actually didn’t spend too much, so it evens out, right?

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  • Total (sans 2009): 53

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