Of War and Sockdeath

During the past few weeks, I’ve been participating in Sock Wars 2006. It’s a tourney or assassin-style knitalong where each socknitter is assigned a target. We’re given a weapon (the International Socks of Doom pattern) and must try to complete and mail off our target’s socks before being killed ourselves. It’s been fun, even if it got off to a shaky start with Hurricane Gordon hitting Ireland right at the start. Yarn Monkey had trouble sending out dossiers but we got ourselves mostly sorted out and worked our merry ways through the tourney.

It has been interesting to watch; some parts of the chain killed each other very quickly, while others progressed slowly. There was also a lot of waiting, as the game went on, for socks-in-progress from second, or even third or fourth, targets. It’s not finished yet, as of Oct 30, about 82% have Dead status.

I hoped just to survive the first round, and I did that, so I’m happy! I didn’t blog about my progress because the socks went quickly (DK weight yarn), and after that, I became superstitious and decided to keep blog-mum about my war progress until my part was over.

My first target was Zenifer (aka Jenifer). I loved the yarn I used for her socks (Filatura di Crosa “501″). It was a green marl/ragg that I had in stash, waiting for the right project.


It was a very chilly weekend when I knit these socks and the color made me crave split pea soup. Yum!


Jenifer sent me the yarn for her target’s socks. I had to knit another complete pair for my second target, SockVirgin (Heidi). I had a bit of trouble with the yarn she chose. It was GGH superwash wool, scratchy and rustic in a wonderful charcoal color. But it was a little bit too thin, and while I got gauge, the knit fabric was too loose and floppy for my taste. It also seemed to resent the bamboo needles I was using and was forever jumping off the needles.


About the time I mailed these off to Heidi, I was finally contacted by an assassin. Deb from Switzerland was about to receive the socks-in-progress intended for me. I furiously finished and mailed Heidi’s socks to her. The post seemed to take forever, but she finally received them, and sent her socks-in-progress right back to me. She had completed about 3/4 of her first sock. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a progress picture, but the yarn she was using (Cleckheaton Country 8-Ply Prints) worked well with the sock pattern. I finished her first sock and started the second. However, I had only finished the leg, when 24 hours later (after receiving Heidi’s SIP), I received my own ISoD from Deb!


These socks were originally from Jonobie here in the USA, traveled to Greenmouse in the UK, before finally reaching Deb. Indeed, a well-traveled pair of socks! And they’re made with luscious Misti Aplaca (80% baby Suri alpaca, 20% silk), and I feel spoiled with these on my feet! The color is Sapphire, and it’s a dichroic blue I really like because it appears purple with certain types of lighting. I died happily! (And it didn’t hurt that Deb included some delicous Swiss chocolate filled with Kirsch. Mmm!) Both targets sent me yarny goodies too, which I’ll include in a blog post later this week.

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3 Responses to “Of War and Sockdeath”

  1. moirae Says:
    November 2nd, 2006 at 5:48 pm

    mmm. kirsch.

  2. Jaywalker in Progress « moraie knitting Says:
    November 2nd, 2006 at 8:43 pm

    [...] I’ve got access to the Sock Wars google spreadsheet, so though I’ve been eliminated for a while now, I’ve been posting summaries of the dead, the dying and the living. I’d love to feature someone living though. I heard today that the LimeDragon has gone down, but not without a fight. [...]

  3. Chris Says:
    November 7th, 2006 at 8:57 am

    That’s one of the most dramatic tales I’ve read so far! Oh well, you got nice socks out of it, right??

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