SRP Penultimate Update

I brought 2 books with me to Chicago for Stitches Midwest, and read only three chapters! And what’s funnier… I bought 3 more books while there. : ) Still, I was able to read several books during the past 2 weeks.

  • Last Lessons of Summer, by Margaret Maron, 295 pages. Maron recently ended the Judge Deborah Knott series, and we get new characters with this book. (I’m not sure if it’s a standalone book or the start of a new series. I would guess it’s the former.) Amy Steadman is part of a family business empire based upon children’s characters created by her mother and grandparents. She has to deal with closing her grandmother’s estate, and in the process she becomes curious about the mysteriously tragic deaths of her mother and grandmother (~25 years apart). I enjoyed the characters, scenery, and events in ths book, but I thought the portrayal of Amy and her husband’s relationship was somewhat thin.
  • Body of Evidence, by Stella Cameron, 410 pages. Emma is married to the mayor, who really isn’t a nice man at all. She has the support of a local women’s group and prepares for a divorce. Meanwhile, Finn has recently returned to town and recognizes his high school crush Emma while they are out jogging. They discover the body of one of the members from the women’s group. Things go downhill while they and the police chief try to solve the murders. I liked Finn, and I think/hope we will get to see another book about his sister.
  • Born to Be Wild, by Catherine Coulter, 354 pages. Mary Lisa Beverly is the Emmy-winning star of Born to Be Wild (TV soap opera) when suddenly she acquires an apparently dangerous stalker. She (and other characters) travel back and forth between Los Angeles and her hometown Goddard Bay, OR. There’s not much plot or character development, and I thought a few plot points were weak. But this book works, and is fun, because it’s like reading a soap opera.
  • Murder Gets a Life, by Anne George, 266 pages (including excerpt from next book). Another fun Southern Sisters book. This time, Mary Alice’s son has married Sunshine, a young Barbie-lookalike, whose family is quite wealthy but often live in a trailer park compound. A stranger is found dead in the family matriarch’s trailer and Sunshine has gone missing. The sisters try to figure out why the stranger was killed there and what happened to Sunshine.
  • Access 2003 for Dummies, by John Kaufeld, 341 pages. I have a very complicated Access project at work that has gone beyond my level of expertise, so I requested 3 books from the library. This one was the first I got and it didn’t answer any of my questions. The second book also came, but it was of little help since it focuses on the whole of Office 2003. This is a pretty good, basic book, perfect if you are just starting out with Access and need a bit of help or guidance.
  • Nobody Loves a Centurion, by John Maddox Roberts, 276 pages. (SPQR VI.) Decius is sent to join Caesar and his legions in Gaul as they prepare for war. The First Spear, a bully, turns up dead outside of camp. Decius is requested to solve the crime by the time Caesar returns from Rome with reinforcements. To make matters worse, a client of Decius’ family, as a target of the First Spear, is suspected and scheduled for execution. Roberts has a clear, simple, and enjoyable writing style and describes the Roman world and other peoples like the Gauls or Germans very well.
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling, 652 pages. (Year 6.) What can I say? It was now available in paperback, so I re-read it. (I like to keep a hardcover copy to read once, and the paperback for re-reading as often as I like.) Do I really need to tell what this book is about? :) (I can’t wait for Year 7! And I need to stop using parentheses! :b)

That’s 7 books above, and I’m in the middle of 2 books right now, leaving 6 more to make my goal of 40 books by August 31. Do we have til midnight? :)

Bonus Goals progress: I have finished all but one of the 15 shelves needing cleaning/reorganizing. The last shelf is all knitting patterns and magazines, so I should be able to finish on Thursday.

I read the Southern Sisters and the SPQR books above while knitting. I’ve become more comfortable reading while knitting. Now, only if I could have more hours in the day!

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One Response to “SRP Penultimate Update”

  1. Chris Says:
    August 27th, 2006 at 4:42 pm

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

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