July Secret Pal Goodies, Part II

Great, big apologies for being so late in posting abot my latest packages from Atlantis (1SSP) and SP8, both, who sent wonderful packages last month. Part I shares what I received from Atlantis, and below you’ll see my latest SP8 package. : )

Purple tulle burst forth the moment I opened the box. The first thing I found was a note from SP8 hadnwritten on a Dr. Seuss page (certain words were underlined). It was lovely and uplifting after the first to hard weeks I had at work in July. Already I felt so much better!


SP8 packed the box full of goodies, I had so much fun discovering what was inside, oohing and ahhing over everything.


I love Bath & Body Works, but always have a hard time shopping there and choosing a particular scent. There are so many scents I get overwhelmed; I would never have been able to pick out Fig. I love it, it’s perfect!


Oooh, so fun! I can’t wait to use this. : )


The green pin is handmade by Rose Flash, and is a really cute whimsy, almost vintagey piece.


I’m loving all the kitty stuff included. These needles will come in handy this weekend at Stitches Midwest! And the Challis was new to me.. I had to look it up… I guess you could use it for embroidery or something similar. The texture almost reminds me of suede, very cool.


Cute stuff
~ vintage sugar tongs, a mini kitty toy, Imaginary Berry LipSmacker, decorative charms (the cat looks just like my Munchkin), and pebbles with love, laugh, and trust ~

As I continued to pull out things from the box, I couldn’t help but smile wider and my mood kept improving (it really had been a hard week!), so I loved finding out what everything was in the box. I’ll put the sugar tongs in my new curio cabinet, and Munchkin has already adopted the mini kitty. : )


The above picture of the yarn didn’t turn out very well… you can see a better representative at Berroco’s site. That lime green fabric is actually a pounch from DellaQ, It’ll be a great project bag, but I have to be careful about these sharp needles poking through the fabric!

But wait, there was one last surprise at the bottom of the box!


Thank you so much SP8 for the wonderful package! : )

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3 Responses to “July Secret Pal Goodies, Part II”

  1. sp8 Says:
    August 7th, 2006 at 10:04 pm

    So glad you and Munchkin loved the surprises! It was a hoot to put together.

  2. chris Says:
    August 12th, 2006 at 3:20 pm

    No wonder your mood kept improving! Another fabulous swap package…

  3. bethblue Says:
    August 9th, 2006 at 5:25 pm

    Wow, looks like you made out like a bandit! Getting yarn always brightens my mood, that’s for sure.

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