July Secret Pal Goodies, Part I

Great, big apologies for being so late in posting abot my latest packages from Atlantis (1SSP) and SP8, both, who sent wonderful packages last month. Below is what I received from Atlantis, and Part II will detail the latest SP8 package. : )

I received a lovely skein of Trekking XXL from Atlantis. I’ve been drooling over the various Trekking XXL colorways and socks found in knitblogland. I planned to someday to try it out. Now I don’t have to wait any longer, yay!


Atlantis, do you have precog? This will be perfect for the new Aug-Sep SixSoxKAL pattern (Scales Skin Sox). I want to start as soon as I can… but I’m not sure if I will start this week, or wait until I get back from Chicago. Hmm…

She included a lovely card and note with a bonus. There were two pencil cases she suggested for storing my DPNs. Brilliant! They work very well. I’ve put most of my sock needles into the burgundy case (with the pull-out drawer), and my DPNS Sizes 4-8 have their new home in the clear green one. No more having to hunt all over my TV table for certain sizes.


Thank you so much Atlantis for the super package! : )

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One Response to “July Secret Pal Goodies, Part I”

  1. Atlantis Says:
    August 9th, 2006 at 5:59 pm

    Glad to see you like the Trekking and that you have a project in mind for it already! August surprise is almost done and I’ll send to you the moment it’s finished (with my reveal of who I am)…tee hee

    I’m happy that your SP8 and I made your difficult week a little better.

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