SRP August I

  • The Haviland Touch, by Kay Hooper, 304 pages. Drew wants revenge on his former fiancée, Spencer, but realizes her troubles are real and she truly needs his help. They must travel to Austria and find the Hapsburg Cross before the enemy does. This isn’t as well-developed as some of Hooper’s other books, but I enjoyed the scenery descriptions and the final confrontation with the villain is fairly good.
  • Oceans of Fire, by Christine Feehan, 356 pages. This is the third in the Drake Sisters books. Aleksandr and Abigail’s (Abbey) engagement falls apart when she is interrogated, beaten, and deported from Russia. Four years later, Aleksandr, while trailing terrorists/smugglers in the US reunites with Abbey, who, while working with her dolphins, witnesses the murder of his partner. They team up with the other Drake sisters and the local sheriff and deputy to find the killer.
  • The Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke (Tr. Oliver Latsch), 349 pages. Prosper and Bo, whom their Aunt-guardian wishes to separate, run away to Venice. There, they are found by Hornet, and brought under the protection of the Thief Lord. The story centers around a magical merry-go-around that is reputed to be able to turn children into adults and adults into children. I enjoyed how human nature came through the story very well (not depressing or overdone), and the other characters were fun to meet.
  • The Hostile Hospital, by Lemony Snicket, 261 pages (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Eighth). The Baudelaire orphans appear to have broken ties with the ineffectual Mr. Poe (manager of their estate). On their own, they escape their latest encounter with Count Olaf, and meet up with another VFD. This time, VFD is Volunteers Fighting Disease, a group of people who sing and bring cheer to patients. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are able to travel with them to Heimlich Hospital, where they volunteer to work in the Department of Records, hoping to find clues about their parents.
  • The Window, by Carol Ellis, 168 pages. Grandma left me this book to read. it’s a teenage version of Hitchhcock’s Rear Window. Jody sprains her ankle while on a mountain ski vacation. While recuperating, she happens to witness something odd at the next door cabin. Could something terrible have happened to the gir next door? Suspicious things start to happen: mysteroius figures in the dark, sounds in the cabin as if someone were there, or a click on the phone.
Last time, I forgot to update my sidebar. My current count is up to 25, meaning I’ve got 15 left to meet my goal of 40 books. Will I make it? I hope so. It helps I just ordered 4 books from Amazon with the 4-for-3 promotion. : )

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