I’m really behind right now. I owe zillions of emails. I have lots of photos to transfer and crop. My SYAC swap pal received her socks, yay! I was surprised last week by two wonderful packages in the mail, one from my SP8 and the other from Atlantis (1SSP), wowee! I will blog about these things as soon as I can. (Cross your fingers my work schedule calms down a bit Tuesday or Wednesday this week). I’ve also managed to finish my first stranded color project and am now making some child-size socks with the leftover wool for CIC as part of a SixSoxKAL challenge.

Yeah… no pictures at all, sorry. This week, I hope.

I’ve managed to get some reading done.

  • The Paid Companion, by Amanda Quick, 418 pages. Jayne Ann Krentz writes contemporary romances under her own name, historical romances as Amanda Quick, and futuristic romances as Jayne Castle. Her books tend to have a little bit of mystical or Gothic flavor; the heroes are usually mysterious/eccentric, and the heroines are often bluestocking types. In this book, Elenora, employed as a paid companion, takes on a job pretending to be an Earl’s fiancée. The Earl, Arthur, wants a fake fiancée to distract Society while he hunts for his Great-Uncle’s killer. Two interesting tidbits: early in the book, there is a description of an underground river in London, and the mysterious tool/weapon built by the villainous scientist resembles a laser.
  • Royal Assassin, by Robin Hobb, 675 pages (Farseer Saga, Book 2). So much happens: FitzChivalry matures and learns much more about himself, his abilities, and his friends and enemies. The Red-Ship Raider attacks worsen, with the result that Prince Verity goes off in search for aid from the Elderings. The depth of Prince Regal’s treachery also becomes abundantly clear. I have a couple of theories about what will happen in the next installment—I can’t wait!
  • A Trouble of Fools, 208 pages, and Flashpoint, 278 pages, by Linda Barnes. I hadn’t read any of the Carlotta Carlyle books, but I mentioned them to Mom after seeing Chris mention one. Turns out she had a couple that I could borrow. They are fun narratives and Carlotta and the other regular characters are diverse and interesting. Barnes also reveals details from previous books in a casual way, scattered at various points of the story instead of all at once in the beginning. I liked this because it was easy to start reading in the middle of the series. I miss Boston! I loved reading about areas and landmarks I’ve been to or have only read about.
I’m in the middle of 2 other books right now. Still, my reading progress is a bit disappointing. Working 10 hours a day, with only 10 minutes to read during two breaks and at the end of lunch doesn’t give me much reading time. : /
I’ve also cleaned up four more shelves. I’m thinking about an IKEA trip to get one of these small glass curio cabinets, maybe.

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One Response to “Behind”

  1. sp8 Says:
    July 17th, 2006 at 10:53 am

    When you are that pressed for time, even bathroom breaks become reading time, don’t they? Glad you got your package and am eager to see your “sockage.” Hang in there with work! sp8

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