I’ve yet another work-filled week in the works. Yesterday I was so tired I didn’t think I could even *gasp* knit… but after a delicious meal of farmer-market-fresh veggies, I felt better and did start a hat cuff. Today I’m pretty tired again, so I won’t do the planned SRP update.

I noticed a few weeks ago that Knit Picks no longer has the wishlist feature. I hope it’s just temporary.

I tried the new Stonyfield Light yogurt yesterday. It was good; I noticed that the amount of the fruit-on-bottom was smaller, so the color after you stir the yogurt was paler, and tasted just a tad less sweet. Today, I had vanilla yogurt made with water buffalo milk (I keep wanting to say white buffalo…). It was thick and custard-like, and stayed firm and didn’t drip off my spoon even after stirring. It was not very sweet and the vanilla flavor was not strong at all; very nice. I think lemon flavor with this yogurt would be good, too.

I haven’t had any chance to read blogs in nearly two weeks now, eek!

This past weekend, I got some of these new Avon Instant Manicure nailcolors from Mom. I don’t know how much they really cost; the website says $8, but Mom says she paid $4 each. It might’ve been a special promotion. Anyway, they’re pretty cool, the colors look great and glossy. There are 8 sizes to match your fingernails. Basically, it’s nail polish in clingy plastic wrap form… just peel and smooth onto your nail, and trim off. I was impressed with them, even though I wasn’t very careful/precise when applying mine. If you have the patience to apply them carefully yourself, or a buddy to help you, all the better. There’s no drying time needed, they don’t feel fake at all (smells and feels like the real thing), and will last 14 days. I’m hard on my hands and nails, the color I applied has worn off only slightly around the edge on the two fingers I use most at work.

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