Sock Progress

During the past week, I finished the toes and insteps on the Color Blox Sox for 6Sox. I haven’t taken a real progress picture yet because it’s all stockinette. I did finish the heels last night, and they look great and fit very well, yay! I enjoyed this type of toe-up heel-flap-gusset construction. It seemed to go faster than the traditional cuff-down heel-flap-gussets (which always seem to take me forever). The Potluck Jewels (from my SP8, thanks!) I’m using for these socks look great knitted up.


I realized this week that, even though I took several progress pictures, I haven’t really blogged about the Rock and Weave socks from the BMFA RSC May shipment.

The cuffs, if you haven’t read about these socks on other blogs, are knit sideways/separately. Stitches are picked up around the cuff edge and the sock is knit downwards. About an inch of the cuff is left free to attach with buttons later. Some people also were tacking down the cuff flap bottom. I picked up stitches all along the edge, then I overlapped an inch’s worth of stitches where the flap would be (eg: first and last 6 stitches). When I reached these overlapped stitches during the first round, I K2tog each pair (12 decreased to 6). I did this because I thought it would be easier than sewing later. I tried a couple of pictures; they don’t show enough detail, but they might give you an idea of what I did.



I’ve finished the gussets and now I can finally take these socks with me on walks. Lately, I’ve had lace, complicated cuffs, or heels-gussets to work on and haven’t had any good walking-knitting projects.

One other thing I did accomplish last Monday was to frog and re-knit the first lace pattern repeat in the Cropped Cardign front pieces. They now mirror each other perfectly. I’ll get a picture later this week.

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2 Responses to “Sock Progress”

  1. sp8 Says:
    July 10th, 2006 at 6:57 am

    That yarn is gorgeous, and I love your STR! I want to be in that club the next time there are openings. I’m always inspired by your skillful knitting, your wonderful photos and your helpful advice. Thanks, Harriet!

  2. bethblue Says:
    July 17th, 2006 at 2:13 pm

    You can knit and walk at the same time? I am impressed! I’ve heard that Chris from stumblingverchaos can read and knit which I am also jealous of, but I’ve never tried walking and knitting. I’m such a clutz I’d probably fall and poke myself in the eye :b

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