What happened to May?

Apologies for my absence, it certainly wasn’t planned. I’ve been having Internet connection problems, they finally peaked two weeks ago and nothing worked. Comcast had to come and fix it… they ended up giving me a new adapter, which works much better, yay!The downside to all these problems is that I’m behind on emails and blog reading, and to boot, I got a bad case of technology blahs. I haven’t felt like spending much time with my computer. Yuck. I”m getting over it, finally, and am trying to catch up on everything. It’ll probably take me a week or so.

I’ve also had some problems with my Knitting Mojo… Things weren’t working out as I expected, yarn is tangling, and I’ve suddenly felt overwhelmed and unable to make decisions. In other words, too much yarn, too little time. : )

Last Tuesday, I finished the Cropped Cardi back. I used short-rows for the shoulder shaping, and that turned out well. I had to adjust for the stitch pattern… I didn’t realize until I picked up the wraps that they occur at a weird spot in the patterning, and throw the columns out of whack. I solved this by carrying (after picking it up and off) the wrap behind the stitch where it had been created, and then knitting (or purling) it with the next stitch. I’ll try to get a picture of the cardi back this this week.

I went shopping for yarny gifts for both SP swaps, and ended up getting myself some MarL La:


I didn’t realize it at the time, but this yarn is composed of four strands (olive, navy, burgundy, and purple) to create a bulky yarn. I want to make mittens with this… and I started them. But I’ve frogged them because I don’t have any appropriate size needles. From looking at other bulky mitten patterns, a US 10.5 is needed. I have none, surprisngly! Not even in single-points, which wouldn’t work, anyway. I swatched with a US 8 and love how the yarn looks, unfortunately, the fabric was like armor and my hands got tired after about 20 minutes.

I also got the STR May shipment, yay! I haven’t uploaded my picture yet, but there are quite a few out there in blogland, colorway Fairgrounds, if you want to see. I had a bad feeling beforehand that I was going to hate the color, but I was wrong. It’s yummy, with its sherbet-like colors.

I had thought I could possibly use this mediumweight STR for the lace socks I want to make for The Amazing Lace… the pattern (Jackie’s Errant Lace Socks) uses sportweight, and the gauge could work. But I decided to go ahead and start the club pattern (Rock and Weave) because it has interesting construction and I skipped the club pattern last time. The socks were slow to get started because, ahem, the yarn got horribly tangled. I only got it detangled two days ago, finally. That was a relief!

I’ve also tried swatching for some new sock designs and that is going slowly. With one, I became confused with the flat (back-and-forth) pattern instructions and couldn’t convert it to the round correctly. I think I’ll try that again today. I’ve also started my Spirng Feet Sock Swap (SYAC) socks for the third time. These need to hurry up and get themselves knitted, eek!

In other news, I’ve recieved my first packages from both my SP8 and Atlantis (my 1SSP), yay! Pictures and bragging will come in another post soon!

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2 Responses to “What happened to May?”

  1. Chris Says:
    June 3rd, 2006 at 2:32 pm

    Welcome back

  2. sp8 Says:
    June 3rd, 2006 at 7:45 pm

    So glad your yarn came! I can’t wait to see it and hear tentative plans for it. ;) Missed you. sp8

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