Making Progress!

Thanks again for the compliments about my recently completed Madder Ribbed socks. I appreciated them and enjoyed these socks very much (even though I had to rip them out and restart)… the patterning is simple yet entertaining and attractive.

I’m not getting notified of new comments, like I want/should be… I tried to fix it, but so far no luck. Plus, I never know if I should reply to comments with another comment. I’ve seen lots of people do that… I try to respond in a more direct way, either through email or on the person’s blog. Sometimes a comment escapes my notice for a few days, though. : (

The leftover orange Prisma kid-size socks are finished! The picture isn’t so great, but the socks are. Mom’s going to take them to work for a co-worker.


What’s that underneath the socks? Well, it’s the back of the Cropped Cardigan! More than 7 inches (or 1/3 of the back total) completed. Amazing how quickly worsted weight knits up when you are used to fingering.


This cardi has very little shaping at all… I don’t see any armsyce or underarm gusset at all either. I probably won’t show another progress picture until the back is finished. I plan to try short-row shaping in the shoulders so I can do a smooth three-needle bind off. Fingers crossed!

I wound a couple more balls of the Bongo yarn used… and they were full of knots. Aiee! I’ve put them aside to use for seaming… but three knots per skein, that was pretty bad. I hope the rest aren’t like that. Toes crossed!

Earlier this month, I sent Fricknits the remnants of my SRC exculsive, STR in Rainforest Jasper so she could finish a pair of cute baby socks. She sent me some Koigu in a fabulous green colorway as thanks. She also included a funny card with suggestions what to use the koigu for, and that limedragon would be a very good name for the colorway. What do you think?


There’s also a little bit of blue and brown in these greens. I have a few ideas about how to use this. Thank you Julie! : )

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One Response to “Making Progress!”

  1. Pink Dandelion Says:
    June 2nd, 2006 at 11:34 am

    Oooh I love that green colorway!!

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