Tentative Plans

ATTN Spring Feet Sock Swap Pal: I responded to your comment re: color; you can see it here at the post bottom. : )

I’ve been thinking about my current WIPs and what I want or need to knit this summer.

I have two socks on the needles right now, the orange striped ones you’ll find in the previous post. One instep is finished, and I have just started the other one. There should be enough left over of this Opal Prisma yarn for another pair of smaller sized kiddo or baby socks. I’m unsure whether I will start these right away or put it aside for later.

I also have a secret sock project which I will reveal later this summer. That needs to be completed and mailed in June. Priority=High! (I can’t get motivated yet, though, eek! But maybe once the Madder Ribbed/Orange striped socks are finished…)

I have dark forest green sock yarn (looks black when photographed) I want to use for my May Project Spectrum socks. I may wait until I make significant (cuff/leg) progress on the swap socks first. These socks are more than a year overdue. Priority = Medium-High.

I do have a second Hessian Pillow Cover on the needles, with about 4 inches of the front completed. It incorporates olive green, so this could be my May PS project if I can’t get to the socks. Priority=Low.

It’s funny! I was thinking that I have nothing green to work with, and it turns out to be untrue! If the Hessian PC doesn’t work for me, I can always use some of that green Lion Brand I recently bought to practice Fair Isle.

Moving on… I have a cardigan with Diamond Lace panels planned for a gift at the end of August. I’ve decided I will put aside the Must Have Cardigan I started (I don’t think I have blogged about this project yet), and work on this instead. Priority=Medium-High.

I’m tired from thinking about all these things I need to complete… There are a few more projects I’d like to do this summer, especially for The Amazing Lace. Another blog entry about these sometime soon. : )

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One Response to “Tentative Plans”

  1. Sock swap pal Says:
    May 10th, 2006 at 2:49 pm

    I saw your reply and I already have some ideas in mind! Talk to you soon.

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