Desperately Seeking Two-Point-Five!

A couple weeks ago, I procured a set of Crystal Palace bamboo double-pointed needles, 6-inch length, in US #1.5 (2.5mm). My gauge often is just a bit too tight on US1 and a bit too loose on US2 for most socks. I hoped these US1.5 needles would be the answer. I frogged (sadly) the Madder Ribbed socks and did a quick gauge swatch, perfection! 15 stitches per 2 inches. And the resulting fabric is a skotch looser than what I was getting with US1. I’m a gauge-happy lime!

However… I wasn’t crazy about the 6″ length and pointy tip combination. These are short enough that my working needle (in my right hand) presses into the bottom of my palm quite painfully.

I need shorter or longer needles, or even ones with slightly duller tips. It’s taking me quite a while to decide on what kind to get and what length. I’d like to order from as few places as possible (shipping, ya know!)… and I’ll try to stop in at one or two LYS in case they might have something I can use. UPDATE: Stopped by Borealis Yarns today and they only had the 6″ Crystal Palace or the 5″ Brittany in stock, so I got a set of the Brittanys to try out.

Meanwhile, I’ve compiled a list of double-point needles available in 2.5mm.

(Semi-Off-Topic) Omigosh… I had forgotten that Pony has such a range of materials! They make rosewood and anodized aluminum single-point needles. Too bad they don’t offer these in double-points and/or circulars too! It appears that the double point needles are sometimes available in sets of 4 or 5. Searching through the double-point listings at the Pony website gives me 2.5mm aluminum sets available in 5″ (15 cm), 6″ (20 cm), 9″ (23 cm), 11.75″ (30 cm), 13.75″ (35 cm), or 15.75″ (40 cm). All lengths, except the 15 cm can be sets of 4 or 5 needles. However, searching through their Plastic or Pony Pearl double-pointed needles gave no information. So I don’t know how reliable the above list is. (They may not have setup that info yet?)

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