Keen Overload

I got myself some new shoes this week!


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This is my first time with Keen shoes. I read the reviews on Zappos and ordered a half-size up for the Newports. I’m glad I did that, even though the opening can be a squeeze when I put them on. Otherwise, they fit very well. The Antiguas [...]

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Long day, but nothing to show for it

Today started out well, really, it did. I went walkabout in the neighborhood for 40 minutes and took my knitting with me. I didn’t see a soul while I was out, (this was about 8:45 to 9:30), but it was a good walk. I got through an orange stripe on the Madder socks. I’m nearly done [...]

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Knitty, Spring 2006

The short-sleeve sweater on the cover, Mesilla, is fun and playful. If I make this for myself, no embroidery. The stripes and picot on the cuffs are the perfect decorative touch.

Anatolia is awesome. I like the fit and the color pattering—it’s detailed and interesting enough without being overdone or fussy. The name fits perfectly too. [...]

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My apologies to visitors expecting to find my blog and knitting content. I am currently experiencing troubles with public access. I’m trying to get the problems solved ASAP. Thanks for your patience. :) UPDATE, looks like it has been fixed, yay!


Orange and Yellow, some of the time

I wanted to post this yesterday, but couldn’t… my wireless connection with Comcast was acting up all weekend. I finally became fed up and watched some TV and knit some more on the Sixth Sense socks.

This ribbed pair is my take along project for mall walking (MOA). The weather is marvelous today and I think [...]

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The Other

… Socks, as in the Other pair I’m currently knitting.I’m finally participating in the Six Sox KAL with the Sixth Sense pattern. I started it last Sunday, and it took me all week to complete the hem. It was slow going finishing up the hem, about 2 or 2-˝ hours total, spread over 3 [...]

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Habu Yarn!

I now have me some Habu goodness!! This came in today’s mail.


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Look! The shine on the silk stainless is amazing! The cotton chenille isn’t as velvety as I imagined it would be, rather it reminds me of leather string (is that what they’re called?), still interesting. And the cork chenille… I already have a [...]

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Project Spectrum ~ April

I’m so glad the week is over! Next week, I’ll return to my part-time schedule of working on Mon-Tues.

I’m planning to temporarily change the theme for this site to match Project Spectrum. Check back again this weekend! : )

I’ve only been able to knit a little bit in the evenings. I’ve also been ignoring my [...]

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More Rainforest?

I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else… according to a letter posted at the Canadian Distributor for Opal sock yarn, Opal is planning another Rainforest series with 8 new colors/animals!

Gulp! If didn’t have enough incentive before to get my Rainforest yarn all knitted up, I sure do now. : )

UPDATE: 04/07/06

OOH! Just got an email [...]

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A different kind of keyboard

This is so cool!

It’s a bluetooth accessory that uses lasers to create a keyboard on any flat surface. Doesn’t that sound pretty nifty? Well, go look at the picture. (Scroll down a bit on the linked page above.)

What will they think of next? Monitor-less screens?

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