Goodbye Orange, Goodbye Yellow

Where did the month go? I realized I had better hurry and post the last of my pictures for Project Spectrum.

But before I share some orange and yellow things… I’m taking down this yellow skin/theme. I enjoyed using it for April, and particularly liked the three-column layout. But it just isn’t **me.** I’ve restored my temporary default theme and it does have some green, lookit above at the logo!



From bottom to top (because that’s the order I picked them off my shelves):

  • Black Athena Revisited Two of my undergraduate professors edited this collection of essays/articles attacking Black Athena. The author had proposed controversial (to Classics folks) theories about Greek Thought & Culture originating in Egypt and how this was apparently hidden or glossed over by 19th-century scholars for racist reasons. (I see there is now Black Athena Writes Back, where the author responds to his critics, hmm.)
  • The Roman Solider I used this book extensively for a presentation on Roman military life.
  • Scottish Witchcraft Leftover from my Wicca phase in college. I kept it because part of my maternal grandfather’s family is Scottish.
  • Ancient Coin Collecting II I love numismatics, but I don’t do that much anymore because it’s too expensive.
  • The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. I got the 13th edition as a high school graduation gift and it was my “bible” for formatting bibliographies, footnotes, etc for papers I wrote in college and graduate school. It was fallling apart so I finally upgraded.
  • Greek Lyric Poetry One of the last Greek classes I took, great teacher, difficult topic!
  • Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” Books 6-10 I’ve taken many, many classes on Ovid’s works, but the Metam. is my favorite along with Heroides (Legendary Women).
  • Lest you think I read only nonfiction or academic texts, here is Jan Karon’s At Home in Mitford. I love her Mitford series with Father Tim! ~


I don’t think I mentioned it before, but orange and yellow are my least favorite colors of the spectrum. Even considering my current frustration with the Madder Ribbed (using orange striped Prisma yarn) socks… I did enjoy the April phase of Project Spectrum. :) I have no idea what I’ll do for May (Green), but I do have some lovely tulip pictures taken with my Treo camera, and there’s plenty of green grass or leaves, enjoy!



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