Sock Yarn Obsession

2005 wasn’t a sock year for me at all. I made a pair of Grumperina’s Jaywalker socks with 100% acrylic worsted weight. We shall never speak of it again.

I also bought two skeins of Cascade Fixation; I originally wanted Margarita 9904, but they were sold out, so I got Pansy 9464 instead. I was deeply disappointed when I saw the actual color. I wasn’t expecting something SO BOLD. I liked the fact that they were stretchy cotton… but they tired me out to knit on bamboo US 3 circulars and took me many months to complete. Grandma saw them and liked the bright colors, so I ended up knitting them to fit her. That’s all the sock-knitting I accomplished last year.

Meanwhile, I kept buying sock yarn like there was no tomorrow! Crazy!

Good news: this year is different… It’s definitely a sock year! I’ve had at least one, usually two, pair on the needles since February.

But there was the issue of buying sock yarn over and over and over again… I can’t keep up with my purchases! I stumbled across the Sock Yarn Addicts Club (hosted/led by Abigail) just before the deadline and signed up. Basically, it’s a three-month “sock yarn diet.”

I’m glad to say “so far, so good!” I haven’t made any sock yarn purchases since I joined. (And there have been quite a few temptations!) We do have one free day a month. The reward system is fun and cute; we get a gold star if we go 30 days without using the free day, and a silver star if we use only the free day. There has also been a stash-flash contest, and a Spring Feet Sock Swap that just started.

This coming Saturday is Yarnover. I’m on a mission. I’ll be trying very hard not to buy any sock yarn for myself… and I’ll be searching for that special skein for my SFSSwap buddy. Because it’ll be knitted right away into a pair of socks for my swap buddy, it doesn’t count against me for SYAC!!!!

Sock on!

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