Sock Blockers and eBay Find

Thanks again for the nice comments on my Sixth Sense Socks! : ) They were fun to knit! (And in full disclosure, I’m wearing them for the second day in a row.)

Celia asked about the sock blockers I used (you can see them in the first picture in yesterday’s post): “Question, are the sock blockers worth the money?

I’ve not yet used wooden blockers. I also haven’t used wire clothes hangers to make my own homemade blockers. (Well, I did try and I hated how they looked and couldn’t get them into a shape that didn’t seem too big or too small.) So I can’t compare the kind I have with other types. I’ve had these blockers (made by Fiber Trends in a Sintra/PVC material) since November or December 2005, just a few months.

I’ve used them to block socks for gift-giving and photography. I’ve been happy with them so far. They don’t get wet from the socks (they always feel dry), are odorless, and are very lightweight. I did wonder if they could be broken, but I haven’t even tried putting extreme stress on them. Anyone know if it could happen?

I put aside some of my budget to splurge on the Medium and Large sizes and I’m glad I did. Especially because I think these will last, and last. If you don’t want to splurge, you can try making your own with this tutorial.

I got a package in yesterday’s mail with knitting-related goodness from eBay. I think the picture will speak for itself: Rowan Magazines!


I lucked out on an auction for these four publications together. The big oversize booklet got a wee bit damaged during shipping, bummer! But the important parts, the pictures and patterns are all intact!

There are a lot of baggy oversize sweaters, which isn’t surprising because these are from the ’80s, but I’ve found some gems and interesting items I want to knit. Sometime I’ll go through each and list them (for easy, future reference) here. I don’t believe there’s much info at the Rowan site about the back issues, at least, not that I could find, so I may scan a few pictures.

OOPS! While browsing the Rowan website, my finger slipped and I bought a Tumbling Blocks pillow kit in Neutral. I’m going to need help hiding this latest purchase! Oh wait… it would be perfect for the last month of Project Spectrum… nevermind. ; )

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One Response to “Sock Blockers and eBay Find”

  1. Celia Says:
    April 24th, 2006 at 6:35 am

    Thanks for the info on the sock blockers. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair for a long while and this may have cinched the deal. :)

    Congrats on scoring the rowan mags! They have such great designs and many stand the test of time.

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