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Six Sox KAL update: I finished the Sixth Sense socks this morning! I tried a couple of quick snapshots but they were terrible. I haven’t been having much luck with pictures lately… I’ll try again later today.

I’m not going to start a new pair of socks just yet. I do have the orange Madder Ribbed socks OTN and will continue working on that (or frog and start over, I still haven’t decided). Meanwhile, I want to work on a larger project (both in scale and needle-size). I remembered that I had cast-on and knit two rows of the second cushion cover for my parents. Perfect. Since I haven’t blogged about that yet, here’s the 411.
My parents completed their new basement “rec room” just before Christmas 2005. The walls are Martini Olive, with one accent wall greenish-brown (I’ve forgotten the official name). Their new couch is a dark taupe microsuede. If you’ve seen the HOM Furniture commercials featuring Klik-Klak, that’s exactly what they got. It opens up for two storage areas underneath, or you can take off the arms and “Klik-Klak” the back all the way down for a sleeper/futon that sleeps one comfortably, and two snugly. They also got new shelves and TV stand in brown-black from IKEA. Mom kept her old coffee table (big square, great for jigsaw puzzles) that used to be Grandma’s old farmhouse table.
It was clear they were settled in happily with the new room, but I noticed that there wasn’t much in the way of accessories yet. I had just gotten 25 Cushions to Knit by Debbie Abrahams, so I gave it to Mom, saying, “Take a look at it, let me know if theres’s anything you like.” She picked the Hessian pattern and, not surprisingly, requested cotton.
After some searching around for cotton DK, I found Lana Grossa Lino for sale at Herrschner’s Yarn Sale, but it was 70% cotton, 30% flax. Mom liked it though, and chose tan, olive, and brown. Even though this color combination screamed ’70s to me, it’s a great match for the room.
The Hessian cover is formed first with a center square, and then the back panels are picked up and knit from either the bind-off or cast-on edges. I used single crochet to seam the sides together.




Originally, I thought I would be making only one cover, but it appears that I have enough for another cover if I change the back panels to tan and green. So, one down, one to go. : )

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