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So… I have been meaning to blog about this, but haven’t had a chance yet. I signed up for not one but two secret pal exchanges.

I’ve always enjoyed reading about the various Secret Pal going-ons and generosity over the past two years. But because I’m such a perfectionist, I never could open my blog to the public. I’m glad I finally forced myself to stop fussing around my site and just get it over with. : )

On April 1, signups opened for Secret Pal 8! I’m a bit surprised glad Secret Pals are still going on and thrilled that 1) I was finally eligible (with a live blog), and 2) I didn’t miss the deadline! I’m really looking forward to shopping for a SP! : )

About 1 or 2 weeks into April, I got the Interweave eMail newsletter and saw the blurb for the One Skein Secret Pals Exchange. (That’s a mouthful! How about we use OSSPE? Maybe 1SSPE is better, yeah.) I liked the premise (send 1 skein only to your SP in June, and again in July, then send a handknit (or crocheted) item from one skein to SP in August). After only one day of thinking about it, I sent in my signup information. I should probably get a copy of the book soon. I’ve browsed the OneSkein KAL blog, that cupcake is as cute as can be. Socks and fingerless gloves are easy one-skein projects but I will endeavor to find and create something different from these usual projects. I have more than 2 months to think about about the possiblities.

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