Knitty, Spring 2006

The short-sleeve sweater on the cover, Mesilla, is fun and playful. If I make this for myself, no embroidery. The stripes and picot on the cuffs are the perfect decorative touch.

Anatolia is awesome. I like the fit and the color pattering—it’s detailed and interesting enough without being overdone or fussy. The name fits perfectly too. It immediately brought to mind the motifs I saw in Istanbul and Turkey about 10 years ago.

I wonder about the shaping or fit of the armsyces of UnGranny Smith. I’m a cardi girl (really, any sweater, but cardis and jackets are handy!). But the pose could be throwing me off.

I like the scalloped edging on T Twist Tee, but the sleeves aren’t to my taste.

I don’t know which I liked more, the handsome model or the Jamesey! Perfect guy sweater, easy care, even! If I made one for myself, i’ll make it shorter.

The Jardin Anglais really appeals to the girly in me. However, I think I’d rather omit the sleeve colorwork on and narrow the sleeves a bit (maybe a slight bell?), and keep the color accents on the cuffs and collar.

Possible double-knitting process/practice project in Exchequered.

Tendrils: beautiful, beads, Sivia. Do I need say more? :)

Reid is a perfect girly girl sweater (and the photos prove that you don’t need girly colors for a feminine sweater). Double Scoop’s also cute. And Tiny Tether? How practical! Now, if only I could find more kiddos to knit for.

It’s not always cold here in Minnesota, but sometimes in the late spring or even late summer, we need warm coverings for our feet. But what’s a girl to do if she has a pedicure scheduled? These Pedicure Socks are the perfect solution!

Cookie A has a new sock pattern, Hedera. I probably would prefer a solid color with this pattern (as the photos show). I wonder of a limited/monochromatic variegated could also work…

Next time I’m in the toy mood, I’ll have to remember Nautie.

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