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… Socks, as in the Other pair I’m currently knitting.I’m finally participating in the Six Sox KAL with the Sixth Sense pattern. I started it last Sunday, and it took me all week to complete the hem. It was slow going finishing up the hem, about 2 or 2- hours total, spread over 3 evenings after work. I made a silly mistake… I thought there was enough blue in the working yarn to give sufficient contrast to the brownish spare yarn (leftover Opal Rainforest Owl/Eule) I was using to hold the starting hem stitches. Well. I was wrong! WRONG! See below picture for evidence:


Yup, that’s right, I cut the WRONG yarn! Luckily, I had used the two blue stitches below these two stitches, so there is no unraveling, just two short ends. My progress so far (below) shows the hemmed cuff and about two pattern repeats on the leg. I’ll take another picture of the pattern detail after I’ve knit more. Susan P Lawrence used a nice textured rib that seems to work pretty well with most color types; I might try this again sometime with a simple stripe.


As I’ve mentioned before, this is my first experience with STR yarn. When I wound the hank, I was surprised by how slippery it was! I had to re-wind it twice before it would wind without slipping off and over the stem or down and underneath the winder. It’s also very shiny with a silky sheen, but I also notice a light fuzzy halo as I work with it.

Now, I’ve just changed the theme/skin to match Project Spectrum. One thing I really like about this is the three-column layout. More room! I added back some sidebars I had disabled due to limited space. I don’t like how the yellow bars are used overall (too often, IMO), so I decided not to incorporate this theme for long-term use. There’s also a problem some people may notice… for some reason the logo (header) graphics are showing up with a pale green background in Internet Explorer. They are supposed to be transparent, and do display properly in Firefox. Weird!!

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