A difficult decision? Not really…

I knew the Rockin’ Sock Club mailings had gone out last Friday from Blue Moon, and if the timing was right, there should be something special in my mailbox today. Yeaaa! I knew right away when I saw the Priority Mail envelope that it had arrived.

Another surprise, a new Vogue Knitting, was also in the [...]

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Book Review: 25 Cushions to Knit

25 Cushions to Knit by Debbie Abrahams

Back cover excerpt: Explore and experiment with color, stitches, and embellishment in this stunning collection of hand-knit cushion projects, featuring step-by-step instructions, scores of color photos, and a handy spiral-binding that lies flat for easy use.

The spiral-binding is a big plus for any book with knitting patterns. I’ve tested [...]

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This arrived yesterday!

Who doesn’t like getting packages full of yarny goodness? : ) I was VERY surprised to find this box at the front door today from Herrschners.I ordered last Saturday, and received my eMail confirmation, no problem. But later this week I didn’t receive any eMail updates, and Order Tracking did not reflect this new order. [...]

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My “eh” site

It’s kinda ugly and messy looking… but it’s definitely a work-in-progress. Someday I’ll get around to adding sidebars, etc. For example, see that teeny logo up there? If I leave it at the actual size… it overlaps the links and stuff. We can’t have that! I’m still experimenting with skins and themes.Here’s what [...]

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I give, I give!

I’ve been working on this site on and off for more than two years now.

I’m too much of a perfectionist. I’m also too pressed for time. These things result in never having enough time to work on this and get it to the level I want.

I’ve also been wanting to post about my knitting achievements [...]


In progress…

Sock Count (Pairs)

  • 2009 ~ 2
  • 2008 ~ 7
  • 2007 ~ 18 (1 baby)
  • 2006 ~ 20 (14 adult)
  • 2005 ~ 2
  • 2004 ~ 5
  • 2003 ~ 1
  • Total (sans 2009): 53

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