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I’ve been able to progress farther along on my left-hand scarf project. I was able to finish 8 inches in one sitting, yay! Some observations: Tension, tension, argh! It’s always been a problem when I try Continental knitting. If anyone has ideas/suggestions/wisdom to share, I’m all eyes. Practice does help… I think the number of wonky spots where the tension suddenly loosened is decreasing. I’m also moving my finger less and less when I purl. At the same time, my right arm moves more and more. Before Christmas 2005, I knit a Stashbuster Stole (by Clara Parkes, Knitters Review with the same yarn and same size needles (Classic Elite Montera; US 10.5). I put the Continental and English scarves side by side… there’s not as much a difference as I expected. My Continental gauge is about half a stitch looser than my English. Pleasing news for me! PS: My Red Pom socks are blocking; they became amazingly soft after a quick wash. No pictures yet, though, of the socks or the scarf, it’s very overcast today!

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  1. Kelle Says:
    March 29th, 2006 at 1:47 pm

    Let see, when I knit I wrap the yarn around the pinky from the palm to the back and around then across the front of the middle two fingers then over the first finger. I hold the first finger up to keep the tension on the knitting Generally only enough tension to keep the yarn taunt but not stretched. If the tention is too loose you can pull a little on the yarn from the end where it wraps around the pinky. Or I just rewind the yarn on my hand, once you get the hang of it it becomes pretty much automatic. The second finger on my left hand I use to hold the second stitch on the left hand needle back from the working stitch, I will also use that finger to nudge a stitch off the needle if necessary. I think with a little more practice you’ll have it. It isn’t that difficult really, just different. Kelle

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