I finished the first week of two subbing fulltime at work. It wasn’t too bad, but next week is after Daylight Savings Time begins. Eek. On Wednesday, I couldn’t find a scarf I was wearing… I thought it had fallen onto the road or some such awful thing. I’d rather it get found and adopted [...]

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Red Pomi are all done

It was overcast again today but I was able to get two good pictures using the flash.


p align=”center”


p align=”center”

I’m happy with how these turned out, even if the ankles are just the tiniest bit baggy (probably because I blocked; next time I’ll just dry flat). I will definitely be wearing them tomorrow. :)

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Adventures with Continental

I’ve been able to progress farther along on my left-hand scarf project. I was able to finish 8 inches in one sitting, yay! Some observations: Tension, tension, argh! It’s always been a problem when I try Continental knitting. If anyone has ideas/suggestions/wisdom to share, I’m all eyes. Practice does help… I think the number of [...]

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Quick Update on Red Poms

I am just about finished–I just need to graft the toes. I always seem to finish the toe decreases in the evenings. I’m usually a bit tired by then (close to bedtime), so I snip a long enough tail for the grafting and then leave it until the morning. Pictures later today, I hope?

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Is third time the charm?

I’ve been obsessing thinking about trying Continental-style knitting again. I’ve tried it once in each of the past two years. I cannot remember the details of the first time (perhaps I blocked the memory?). I’m pretty sure I used straight needles and some cotton yarn. Oops!Last year, I joined the Thing-Along and used my sampler [...]

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Less “eh”

After yesterday’s site meltdown, I spent all morning cleaning up and removing errors. I think I’ve got everything ironed out. There are still a couple of weird errors I’ve contacted my host about.

I took some extra time to try out a few skins and still can’t find anything I specifically like. This one comes close, [...]

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Red Pomatomus

I LOVE this pattern! I LOVE the yarn!

For Project Spectrum March, may I present to you these red Pomatomus socks?


p align=”center”


p align=”center”

Pattern: “Pomatomus” by Cookie A, Knitty, Winter 2005 Yarn: Over the Rainbow (eBay store) Twinkletoes, Rosegarden Needles: US 2 DPNs and 24″ circulars Started: March 2006 Completed: TBD

I haven’t been able to work on these much lately–the [...]

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I had some problems with the site earlier today… For a while, I thought I had lost everything… but I preserved, and voila! It’s working again.

Now I need to get some kind of skin/theme up and going. This one is soooo white.


Project Spectrum

I confess… I’ve always liked rainbows. There’s something about seeing all these colors together, and that’s what Project Spectrum reminded me of, even if we’re working only on a color group each month.(Does anyone remember the rainbow shirts from the early ’80s? They were white and had a rainbow going up one arm, across the [...]

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Work Schedule

Normally, I work Mondays and Tuesdays. I don’t get to knit very much on these two days. But I usually make up for that during the rest of the week. :)

I’ve been asked to work full time for two weeks starting Monday. I couldn’t say no, because I didn’t have any valid reason for doing [...]

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In progress…

Sock Count (Pairs)

  • 2009 ~ 2
  • 2008 ~ 7
  • 2007 ~ 18 (1 baby)
  • 2006 ~ 20 (14 adult)
  • 2005 ~ 2
  • 2004 ~ 5
  • 2003 ~ 1
  • Total (sans 2009): 53

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